The Short Film

Note* The feature screenplay was based on the original, short film that was created by two twelve year old boys, Jordan Alfonzo & Shane Meredith. Writer/Actor, Jordan Alfonzo, was inspired to tell his story about being bullied in middle school. His goal was to reach the world with his message to love others, no matter what their differences might be. We are all equal.

The Feature Film is coming soon! 

The title "Caught In The Middle" is derived from the Tagline:

"High school can be brutal when cliques collide."


Logline: A story of discovery and overcoming insurmountable odds filled with humor and excitement centered on  group of bright high school seniors who are constantly being bullied by their classmates for being different, until their cause is taken up by the school’s popular female news reporter who devises a plan to help change their world for the better!


Synopsis: It’s senior year, 2016 for Nerdy HERB, his best friend, MILT and his cousin, AGNES. They’re faced with the everyday challenges of finding who they are and where they fit in before graduation is over. Since the sixth grade, these kids have been mistreated and bullied by a clique of the most popular kids in their class. Easy going Herb wants nothing more than to win the heart of one of these pretty and popular girls of his dreams, Maris. But, that is close to impossible because Maris can’t see past the love of her life, BRANDON, her beefcake, bully of a boyfriend, who values his brand new sports car more than her. While Herb is distracted with himself and Agnes is struggling with depression, angry Milt has his heart set on revenge with the aid of self defense classes. When CATHY, the school news reporter befriends the nerds, she helps Herb win his dream girl by giving him a makeover. Sadly, he only wins the girl because she is trying to get even with her cheating boyfriend. In the end, the bullies get what’s coming to them and true love and friendship prevails.


Genre: Family/Comedy/Drama


Think "Mean Girls meets Karate Kid & Dawson's Creek".



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